Got Faith?

The “Got Milk” ads have become such a part of Americana – that term came to mind as soon as I began to think of a title for this post.

But that’s not what I came to write about/muse about. I was pondering how people learn to have blind faith in another human being. We learn this as children because we need to rely on our parents and other family members to provide health and hearth. We learn this in school as we begin forging new friendships outside of our household. We observe this blind faith in our government as we trust this entity to look out for our best interest. And it is what marriage is built on. If we do not have that faith in our family, our spouse, our friends and our government then our lives begin to suffer. Does this then lead to losing faith in ourselves as well? Is this why so many people seem “lost”?

Have we as a society lost “blind faith”? With so many people questioning their religion, their government (the ‘system’), each other’s motives – has this caused people to live their life second guessing everyone and everything around them ~ including their own motives? Past generations believed in death-do-us-part and that family came first. We lost that concept as families moved farther away from each other and we began to strive for our own happiness above all else because “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. What did that do to our social consciousness/awareness? We certainly have many groups striving to better the lives of the less fortunate/saving the planet/walking for various cures, but are they addressing the correct problem?

Currently many non-American cultures still live by the motto of “others before myself” – group rights come before the individual’s rights. Will their society be next to fall to the individualism as was taught in American schools? The individual-is-important-so-everyone-gets-an-award way of thinking? Ah unintended consequences…

Thoughts? Ideas? I would love any feedback.

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