Our amazing world


As I was listening to my cell phone play the song I’d programmed for the ring tone, I was suddenly struck by how very odd our world is compared to when I was young – and even to just 20 years ago. I’ve seen posted on Facebook “You know you’re over __ age if you remember…”. Items that today’s teenagers think is old-fashioned – which I guess means I’m old but I refuse to admit it! I never thought much about those lists of bygone joys, only pausing a bit to chuckle at the dim memories. But as I stood listening to my cell phone play a song that could have been on one of those lists, I’m stuck by how radically our world has changed – in some ways.

I watch the teenagers re-invent their clothes into ‘new’ ways that are not so new. I’ve lived through the disco age, the heavy metal age, the punk age, and the grunge age and it seems that the more things change the more they stay the same. My teen commented that her generation’s fashions are all a mishmash of styles in the past. Nothing is new anymore – it’s all been done before – though I’m still waiting for a revival of the Elizabethan era…

Yet though our way of dress is not so different, we are not the same because of the technologies of today. My children do not know of a time when computers were not the norm or when chatting with a person involved a real person, not a pixellated image of their face. Even playing a video game meant interacting with another human body.

Yet with all of these ‘time saving’ technologies – computers, cell phones, microwaves – we do not seem any happier. With all of these conveniences, we should be living in techie heaven! Want to hear a specific song or watch a music video? Go to YouTube. Though Video killed the radio star … Right?  Want to read about the rise and fall of Rome? Google will give you about a million links. Lonely and want to find a date? Match.com will help you custom order a mate.

We have the entire world at the tips of fingertips. Yet do you ever just stop and enjoy what’s right in front of you right now? Or are you in a frenzied, free-falling rush for the next big fad/sporting event/sitcom/high-speed chase/America’s greatest talent/court drama/Survivor? Not stopping to savor any one thing but yearning for more More MORE?


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