Are we part alien?

Being bored I turned to Netflix to see what odd shows they had for me to watch. I tend to watch the oddest things 😉 Last night’s pick was a couple of shows about UFO’s. According to some of the people interviewed on one show, aliens are the devil and/or fallen angels and are here to mess with mankind. They’re doing some sort of sexual experimentation on us to prepare us for something bad that’s about to happen. What exactly would they be preparing us for? Or are they taking DNA from certain people and engineering another race on their own planet? Could it be a race of slaves? (See comments below and you’ll understand why I suggest this). Another theory is that they are from the Nephilim (see more about that below). I then began watching a documentary about Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia I’d already seen the movie Mothman Prophesies so was interested in seeing what was behind it. (It also seems that the idea of a birdman is not new – it’s a common theme throughout history.) Now in the UFO shows I was watching earlier, there was a comment that alluded to the ‘demon’ in Amityville Horror as possibly being an alien. Many people who have reported to have been abducted by and/or have seen aliens say that they smell of sulfur or burnt rubber. According to the UFO show, in Amityville there was mention of the smell of sulfur (I guess – it’s been years since I’ve seen that movie). And then there was the glowing red eyes of the demon in the movie as seen seen from a second floor window of that house. This seems to dovetail right into the sightings of Mothman – who stands 6′ tall and has glowing red eyes. Coincidence? The Horror occurred in 1975, Mothman showed up in Point Pleasant in 1966. Could these sightings have prompted the Lutz family in the Horror to some sort of psychological transference?

I had heard of the Nephilim before when I was reading about the Sumerians. Those texts said that we have descended from a race that was genetically engineered eons ago by beings from outer space. As far fetched as this may sound, could it be possible? According to what I read, these first aliens came to our planet in search of gold. It seems the aliens needed gold though the exact reason is up for debate – some say they needed gold for the atmosphere in their own world. The ‘worker aliens’ they brought with them staged an uprising because they were tired of their populace dying in the gold mines. So the aliens took DNA from a few men of their race and DNA from ancient monkeys, inserted the zygote into a few of their own women, and created the humans we have now. They were known as the ‘black headed people’ and were eventually known as the Sumerians. It seems that these first peoples viewed the aliens as gods and why wouldn’t they? They created mankind, they had spaceships, and they were in control of the situation. It seems from the texts I’ve read that our current concept of “God” comes from this situation – that early man worshiped these aliens and everything – from the bible to how we view “heaven” – came from these earliest beings. Well it seems that this new ‘breed’ was a lusty lot and one of the god-aliens decided they were a waste of time so there was plans to wipe them out. They either created the great flood from biblical times or knew it was coming and decided to wipe out this new breed. Problem was – one of the alien-gods liked mankind and created a situation to allow Noah to know what was coming so he could build the ark. After the flood the alien-gods were thankful because they hadn’t thought ahead and had no food. It seems they couldn’t just go back home because their planet wasn’t nearby at that time.

OK – so that’s probably all very confusing and seems extremely far fetched to someone who’s never read this kind of thing before. But if you will, just entertain the idea that it COULD be possible. Could we have come from this earlier race? We have scientists saying that we have descended from a few men and one mother aka Lucy the ape. It’s very possible that whoever wrote the book I read also knew about Lucy, etc. but what if it really IS a Sumerian story steeped in fact? I welcome any comments and opinions anyone may be willing to post. 🙂

6 Responses to “Are we part alien?”
  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Good Story. I have read z.sitchin’s books. Lost Book of Enki puts it all together. I really enjoyed the book and it seemed to make an awful lot of sense to me. I wonder what I could read that would link more?

  2. lamadu says:

    I’ve read The Lost Realms and The 12th Planet but haven’t read Lost Book of Enki. Here are a few more books on the same subject: Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress, and The Return of the Gods and Twighlight of the Gods, both by Erich von Daniken.

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